Herald of Summer

Welsh Rarebits hotels always make best use of vegetables that are fresh, seasonal and brimming with flavour.

One of the delights of early summer is the asparagus season, when the succulent stems of British asparagus hit hotel and restaurant kitchens.

Bryan Webb, Michelin star chef from Tyddyn Llan in Denbighshire, warns home cooks not to allow the delicate flavour of young asparagus to leach out through overcooking.

“A few minutes in the pan is probably enough – keep a close eye on them, and remove from the pan and add some butter and maybe a dash of lemon as soon as the stems are tender.”

The UK asparagus scene is short, lasting just 6-8 weeks.  During that period Welsh Rarebits chefs make the most of it on the menu – the imported stuff is not quite the same!

Another summer speciality is the broad bean.  Freshly picked, young, delicate and tender, these vibrantly coloured beans bear no resemblance to the tough, grey and leathery produce that often appears late in the season.

Again, they need very little cooking if the sweetness and the brightness of the flavour is to remain.

Coupled with mint they are sublime.

Strawberries are also a seasonal favourite, and our chefs are keeping their fingers crossed for some warm, dry weather, as nothing tastes better than a sun-ripened strawberry.