The Welsh Welcome: Through Mid-Wales back to Cardiff (Week 5)

Written by Lisa from Fjords and Beaches as she travels through Wales experiencing the Welsh Welcome for the whole of June.

After months of planning and anticipation, followed by weeks of adventures and incredible hotel experiences, my trip with the Welsh Rarebits Collection has sadly come to an end. I can’t believe how fast time has flown by, and wish I could go back and do it all again!

In case you have missed out, I have been travelling Wales for the whole of June, staying in 32 of the incredible Hotels of Distinction in the Welsh Rarebits Collection. Each week I have summed up my stays, and you can catch up on all the blog posts below.

Week 1 – From Cardiff to Pembrokeshire

Week 2 – Along the Pembrokeshire Coast to Aberystwyth

Week 3 – Through Snowdonia to Anglesey

Week 4 – From Anglesey across the North

It is absolutely incredible to think of all the stunning hotels I have seen and gotten to stay in these past weeks. And this last week has been no exception!

Hotel no. 25 – The Metropole Hotel & Spa

Upon arrival at my next destination, I got a fun invitation to go on a tour through the nearby Elan Valley (and seeing 3 out of the 4 dams built here to supply Bristol with water). I naturally said yes, and was treated to a joy ride in a very unique car. So unique, in fact, that there are only 60 of it in the world! It was such a fun trip, and I highly recommend visiting Elan Valley for anyone staying at the Metropole Hotel and Spa.

I was really excited when I saw this hotel, mainly because of its fairytale-like towers. I was even more excited to enter my room and realise that it was in one of these towers! It didn’t take me long to get settled in and start getting some work done, because the wifi was absolutely incredible. I spent the majority of the afternoon writing blog posts, editing photos and streaming Downton Abbey in my tower room. Before dinner, I made sure to have a walk through the hotel hallway, where the interesting (and long) history of the hotel is displayed. This was such a great touch, as one of my #1 questions when getting to a new hotel is how old the building is and if there are any fun facts to share!

I had dinner in Spencer’s Brasserie, one of their two restaurants. Starting off with a lovely gin & tonic from the bar, I then had a hard time choosing from the many options on their menu. The food was great, and I was super excited to see cannelloni on the menu, which is one of my favourites. In addition to the great food, the staff was incredibly welcoming, and I had a really good dinner experience.

Hotel no. 26 – Lake Country House & Spa

The next stop on my drive through Mid-Wales was the Lake Country House and Spa. I almost cried upon arrival, because in the sweltering heat I was met in the doorway by a man who carried my suitcase for me, which was incredibly welcome at the time. I was shown to my room (the Master Suite), and almost squealed with excitement over the tall bed with the princess curtains. Then I saw the in-room tub, and got even more excited. This room truly was made for comfort.

I spent the day walking around the lake that the hotel takes its name from, and relaxing at the spa. They have a hot tub and a pool, in addition to a steam room and sauna. I was made to feel right at home at Lake Country House, and wasn’t surprised to learn that many of the guests of the hotel came back after their first visit.

The next day I was treated to an Indian Head Massage before checking out, and it was absolute heaven. The 50-minute treatment included a back and shoulder massage, and left me feeling so refreshed. As I was struggling with hay fever, the massage therapist spent some time focusing on the channels around my nostrils, and even used a menthol rub for me to breathe in, in order to clear my nose. I left feeling so much better than I came in, and was incredibly grateful.

Hotel no. 27 – Gliffaes Country House Hotel

Arriving at Gliffaes Country House Hotel had me smiling. The drive up to the hotel was beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to start exploring their 33 acres of land. The trees on the property were incredible, and I quickly understood why one of their leaflets include a tree walk, with information on all the trees you can see on the property. Once I had checked into my room (which was absolutely lovely), I jumped in the shower and was in awe of how good the shower pressure was! This may seem like a random thing to notice, but when you’ve travelled as much as I have, you know how important it is when staying at a hotel.

Dinner was such a lovely experience, and I truly enjoyed it. Afterwards, I was asked if I wanted to enjoy my coffee out on the porch, which was too good an offer to turn down! The views were just incredible, and I had such a lovely evening relaxing and enjoying coffee and a couple of treats.

After dinner, I drove down to Cardiff airport to pick up a friend who joined me for the rest of the trip. The drive was super quick, and it’s incredible to me how easily you can get to Gliffaes from Cardiff. When we woke up the next day, we went on the lovely tree walk around the grounds of the hotel and spent some time enjoying the views before it was time to head off to our next destination.

Hotel no. 28 – Peterstone Court Hotel

Peterstone Court hotel welcomed us with stunning weather, friendly faces and a very inviting pool. We arrived in time for lunch and settled in in the shade on the porch, looking forward to the time when we could jump in. After a tour of the hotel, we quickly realised that the spa was just as inviting, and opted for a relaxing hour in the indoor hot tub. Here, Ida fell asleep for a half hour (tired from the journey the night before), while I read my book and doubling as a lifeguard (making sure her head was above water at all times). I can’t imagine a more relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

After our visit to the spa, Ida stayed behind to have a Swedish massage, while I spent some time getting some work done in our room. Our room was large and spacious, with lovely mountain views and a beautiful fireplace.

Dinner was incredible, and I really enjoyed my Perl Las (blue cheese) pannacotta, which I had never tried before! We opted to enjoy our desserts outside in the warm evening and were super happy with the lack of midgies and mosquitoes. We repeated this process after breakfast the next morning, asking to bring our pot of fresh coffee outside. Such a lovely place.

Hotel no. 29 – Llansantffraed Court Hotel

Our next hotel was one I was already quite excited about. I had done my research on Instagram, and seen the facade of Llansantffraed Court Hotel in several photos, knowing very well that this was a very aesthetically pleasing hotel. The drive up to the hotel proved me right, and as we passed the pond in front of the hotel, both me and Ida were smiling from ear to ear.

They were kind enough to give us separate rooms, something we couldn’t have been more grateful for. Not only were the rooms stunning to begin with, but we had two of them! Once we were all checked in, we arranged to have afternoon tea out in the grounds of the hotel (something which the staff are happy to accommodate for), and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon out in in the sun, eating scones and having tea and local sparkling wine!

Dinner at Llansantffraed was an experience worth travelling for, and both me and Ida squealed with excitement at each course that was brought out. We went through an incredible 7-course dinner, complete with matching wine pairings. I left the dinner with a list of wines to buy once I get home to Norway! Did I mention that out of their impressive wine list (almost 200 wines), all are available to order by the glass?

Hotel no. 30 – The Bear

The following day we headed towards Crickhowell, where we found our next destination. In the area surrounding the Bear Hotel, you can find the incredible Tretower Court, which is an impressive castle and stately home. Owned by William Herbert and inhabited by his half-brother and the Vaughan family, you’ll be amazed at the interesting history to be found here.

Our room at the Bear Hotel was absolutely incredible. The tub was huge, and the four-poster bed was stunning, which impressive details carved into the posters. We quickly learned that we had been given the honeymoon suite, which we were very happy with! I made sure to find the time to have a nice bath before dinner, and it was incredibly relaxing.

The dinner at the Bear was a great experience, and we were so excited to experience ‘pub dining’ at its finest. Great service, great food (and portions), and a great selection of dishes. In addition to the menu, we could also choose between their selected specials, and so you are bound to find something you love here. For desserts, we opted for the Eton Mess and the Tiramisu, and both were mouthwatering!

Hotel no. 31 – James Sommerin

The last night of my adventure saw me back along the oceanfront in Penarth, and it was a little bittersweet to be back. However sad I was to be finishing my month, I was really excited to stay and dine at what I had been told might just be a culinary highlight of the trip; Restaurant James Sommerin.

Our room was great, and we loved the green and blue colour scheme of it. We had a lovely balcony overlooking the Penarth Pier and loved being so close to Cardiff. We made sure to head to central Cardiff on the day we arrived, to have a nice stroll around and enjoy being back in the city. We did, however, head back to James Sommerin a little early, so we could get ready and enjoy the excitement before our dining experience in the evening.

Dinner did not disappoint, and we spent the entire evening awing and ooh-ing over the meals we were served. We went with the 6-course tasting menu, which is a surprise menu that is specially prepared for each table, and served by the chefs! We had a selection of meats and new tasting experiences, from smoked eel to leg of rabbit, and every course was as delicious as the one before. The highlight of the evening has to be the raspberry and granola souffle, which was cut in front of us and finished with a hot raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream.

I can’t explain enough how unbelievable this month has been! From an Italian village and Michelin star restaurants, to manor houses and former Parliamentarian headquarters, the Welsh Rarebits Collection really has something for everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed following my adventures around Wales, because I have LOVED it! Please stay in touch with me on Facebook and Instagram, and leave any comments you may have below!

— Lisa from Fjords and Beaches

The Welsh Welcome: From Anglesey through the North (Week 4)

Written by Lisa from Fjords and Beaches as she travels through Wales experiencing the Welsh Welcome for the whole of June.

I can’t believe that I have spent 4 weeks travelling this beautiful country! In case you have missed the earlier recap of my adventure, head this way to read all about Week 1, which started in Cardiff and took me all the way to Pembokeshire, and head this way for Week 2, which saw me travel around the coast of Pembrokeshire and up to Aberystwyth. You can read all about Week 3 here, which saw me continuing up through beautiful Snowdonia to Anglesey.

I started this week on Anglesey, before I continued driving East towards England through the North of Wales. The sceneries still take my breath away, and this week I have stayed in 6 incredible hotels! Staying in the same hotels for 2 nights was a true luxury for a nomad like me, and I have loved every minute of it!

This week I have also had some visitors. My friend Louise travelled from Manchester to join me for a night in Llandudno, and then my sister came all the way from Norway to spend the weekend with me!

Hotel no. 19 – Sychnant Pass Country House

On my drive from Beaumaris to Sychnant Pass I had to stop and cross off a bucket list place from my list; visiting the train station in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch! It was so fun to spend some time trying to pronounce it, and realising that I was finally visiting that place I had seen all over my MySpace when I was young. I then continued the beautiful drive to Sychnant Pass Country Hotel.

The scenery surrounding the hotel is incredibly beautiful, and I spend some time walking around the property and looking around. My room was ready early, so I gratefully got to spend some time relaxing and taking in the pink decorations (if you want a fun, pink room; request the Aberystwyth room!). The four-poster bed welcomed me with open arms after dinner, which was an exquisite creamy risotto with cheddar bonbons (which I had not tried before!).

Sychnant Pass also has a swimming pool and jacuzzi so you can imagine how I spent the hours before dinner. The swimming pool is indoor, and at such a comfortable temperature. I spent ages just floating around in it before bringing my Kindle out to the jacuzzi to have a read and enjoy the scenery.

Hotel no. 20 – St. George’s Hotel, Llandudno

My drive the next day wasn’t long, and I headed towards Llandudno, where I was being joined by Louise, a close friend from Manchester who made the drive to come to see me. We checked into our room at the St. George’s Hotel, and spent quite some time marvelling at the view from our balcony. The room was spacious, and the bed super comfortable.

We quickly realised there were lots to do in Llandudno, and merrily went off to explore the town. I visited the Home Front Museum, and we found that the ‘real’ Alice in Wonderland, who inspired the character, used to holiday in Llandudno with her family, and so there is an Alice in Wonderland interactive trail you can follow around the town! Of course, there is also the lovely walk along the promenade.

Dinner in the evening was an experience, as we sat along the window of the restaurant looking over the ocean. Our three courses were all amazing, but I was extra happy to find tortellini on the menu! I had actually started to miss pasta after so many days of luxurious steaks and impressive cooking.

Hotel no. 21 – Manorhaus, Ruthin

The next day, before saying goodbye and heading to the next hotel, we made the short drive to Conwy to visit Conwy castle. The castle and town is a world heritage site, and it is impressive how much of the old town walls still stand. This is another of Edward I’s castles that he built arund Wales, and it is just as impressive as all the others!

I arrived at my next hotel; Manorhaus, a little later than usual, and received some super fun news when I did. Once a week they host a movie club for movie night, and they thought maybe I would like to join it. This involved a screening of the film The Post (starring Meryl Streep), and a themed 2-course dinner (matching the movie), followed by local ice cream during the film! I was so excited to get to do this, and it ended being an incredibly fun and social dining experience.

My room at Manorhaus was absolutely lovely, with stylish decorations and great bath products (the conditioner worked wonders). The next day I had plenty of advice on what to get up to, and I ended up visiting the Ruthin Gaol, which is one of the only Pentonville style prisons you can still visit today as an attraction for the public.

Hotel no. 22 – Pen-y-Dyffryn Country Hotel

During my drive to the next hotel, I was in for a bit of a surprise, as I passed a sign that said “Welcome to England”. I thought for a minute I had taken the wrong turn and had to go back, but continued on for a little bit. I am glad I did, because at the end of my Google Maps directions I found Pen-Y-Dyffryn Country Hotel. When I entered the beautiful building I asked if I was really in England, and I was informed that yes, I was, but barely.

At the end of their car park there is a little stream, and that stream signifies the border between England and Wales! I loved this little fun fact, and smiled at realising that I was now in England, quite literally staring back at Wales.

Pen-y-Dyffryn is a lovely and cosy country hotel, where you are made to feel right at home. I really enjoyed my dinner in the evening and met some fellow hotel guests who all raved about the place. Some had even stayed there several times. For dinner, I had the duck, which was really tasty and accompanied by a pasnip mash (my favourite vegetable). It was a very good evening, to say the least.

Hotel no. 23 – Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and Spa

Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and Spa is the place where I was lucky enough to get to spend two days. My sister came to join me for the weekend, and we couldn’t have had a better time. We stayed in a large room with a sitting area and incredible views of the lake, and the place had such a serenity to it we almost didn’t want to leave when Sunday came. We spent the weekend relaxing, enjoying the peacefulness of the Lake, and sampling our fair share of wine from the extensive wine list.

As you can tell from the photos, the views really were spectacular, and we loved getting to look out over the lake and its fairytale-like tower at every meal, and from our room. Lake Vyrnwy also has a spa, which we made sure to make use of. I opted for a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage, which really saved the day when it came to my poor neck who sleeps in a new hotel bed every night (my life is so hard, right?).

After my massage, my sister and I spent some time on the spa terrace, reading magazines and simply basking in the sun. We also tested their refreshing steam room and whirlpool.

Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and Spa has two restaurants, and since we were staying for 2 nights, we got to try both of them! The Tower Restaurant is their fine dining establishment, where we had an incredible 3-course meal alongside the stunning views from the hotel. The Tavern Brasserie also serves amazing food, but in a more relaxed atmosphere. There really is something for every taste at Lake Vyrnwy!

Hotel no. 24 – The Hand at Llanarmon

After saying goodbye to my sister, it was time to head off alone again. I made the drive through the beautiful countryside and ended up at my next destination; the Hand at Llanarmon. This lovely place was such a nice welcome after the drive to Shrewsbury and back (to drop my sister off at the train station), and I was extatic when I saw the size of the bed I would be enjoying all on my own.

Before dinner I made the short drive to the Pistyll Rhaedr Waterfall, which is said to be the tallest single drop waterfall in the United Kingdom, and considered to be one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Wales’. The 25-minute drive was breathtaking itself, and I had to stop the car several times to marvel at the view. The roundtrip took no more than an hour, and it was worth the visit and the sights along the way!

Dinner was an experience, and I was treated to a starter I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. A Mature Welsh Cheddar Brulee was on the menu, and being the cheese lover that I am, I couldn’t say no. It was followed by a traditional and delicious Sunday roast (sirloin beef), and I couldn’t recommend it enough. After dinner it was finally time to crawl into my big bed, and I had such a good night’s sleep, which woke me up feeling so refreshed and ready for a new day (and for the amazing breakfast at the Hand).

I hope you are planning to continue to follow my adventures around Wales, because they aren’t done yet! Make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram, and to check back here on the blog next week!

— Lisa from Fjords and Beaches

The Welsh Welcome: Around the Pembrokeshire coast to Aberystwyth (Week 2)

Written by Lisa from Fjords and Beaches as she travels through Wales experiencing the Welsh Welcome for the whole of June.

The second week of my Welsh adventure is over, and I can’t believe how fast time has gone, or how lucky I am to get to explore this beautiful country and stay in such amazing and unique places. This week I have stayed in a hotel that has been on my bucket list forever, I have experienced beautiful sunsets over the ocean, and looked for the remnants of a dead elephant buried in the backyard of one of the hotels! Read on to find out which is which!

This week, my little rental car has taken me all around the Pembrokeshire coast, which is one of Wales’ National Parks. The drives have been breathtaking, and the places I have gotten to explore even better. This truly is such a stunning part of the country, and being back for the first time in 6 years was so special.

For the first few days of this week I was joined by a friend from home, and I loved getting to experience the Welsh Welcome with her, and I really appreciated getting a second opinion on all the amazing places I have seen!

Hotel no. 5 – St. Brides, Saundersfoot

As you may remember from last week’s post, I used to live in Saundersfoot when I came to Wales at 17 to do an exchange year. During my year there, I would look up at the majestic hotel at the top of the cliff overlooking the town and think that “one day I hope to stay there!”

Well, that wish came true, and Monday afternoon I checked into St. Brides Spa Hotel!

My friend and I checked into our room and spent some time marvelling at the stunning views of the beach and Saundersfoot. I don’t think there is any better place in the area to get such a view, and so we took our sweet time out on our balcony, drinking wine and catching up.

For dinner, we were treated to a three-course meal, which didn’t disappoint. Our orders were different as night and day, which makes it so easy for me to simply say that the food was amazing! What made it even better was how the restaurant has glass walls facing the harbour, so you eat your food with the same stunning views as I mentioned before, and if you time it well (like we did), you’ll also catch the sunset during dessert.

A stay at St. Brides isn’t complete without a trip to the spa. We made sure to book our time in the spa (complimentary for all staying guests), and I also booked in for a cheeky treatment. My massage was heavenly, and we really enjoyed our time in the infinity pool and relaxation suite. In the latter, they have testers out for different face masks and scrubs, so we got to lounge around in our robes with mud masks on, feeling like princesses.

Hotel no. 6 – Twr y Felin, St. Davids

On our way to the next hotel, we stopped in Tenby for a little bit to explore the beautiful town and its beaches. Tenby is actually where Henry VII escaped from when he went into exile during the War of the Roses, and an incredibly beautiful place.

Then it was onwards to the Twr y Felin in St. Davids; also known as the smallest city in the United Kingdom! Twr y Felin is a modern hotel, but with historic roots. One of the suites is actually in the old windmill of St. Davids.

The hotel had amazing art everywhere, and most of it was commissioned especially for the Twr y Felin. In the evening, we were excited to eat at the Blas Restaurant, which is an award-winning Two Rosette restaurant! Here, we were treated to amazing dishes, and I was so glad there were two of us so we could sample several of them.

The hotel is based in St. Davids, where they have a beautiful cathedral (and hence, the city title). The city of St. Davids only has around 1800 inhabitants, actually! The Cathedral is stunning, and worth a visit if you are in the area.

During our stay at Twr y Felin, we also headed out on a boat trip to Skomer Island, also known as Puffin Island, due to the 30000 puffins that inhabit it! This was a super fun experience and the end of a great stay!

Hotel no. 7 – Llys Meddyg, Newport

The next day it was time for the first “restaurant with rooms” on the trip, which is something I was very excited for! Llys Meddyg in Newport did not disappoint, and after a busy day in St. Davids it didn’t take my friend long until she had drawn a bath, and I had jumped on the bed to relax (and get some work done).

We were quite excited for dinner, and with good reason. You know you are having dinner at an outstanding restaurant when both the risotto and the steak are amazing! We had such a great dining experience at Llys Meddyg, and I strongly recommend it if you are in the Newport area.

In Newport and the surrounding area there are some, and on our drive to the next hotel, we stopped at Penbryn Beach, which is located between Newport and Aberaeron (our next destination). This beach is incredibly beautiful, and I’m so glad we took some time to see it.

Hotel no. 8 – Harbourmaster, Aberaeron

How’s this for a view from bed?

Our next hotel was The Harbourmaster. Located in a Grade II Listed building that once controlled the traffic of the Aberaeron Harbour, this place took our breath away. Our room had the best views of the harbour, apparently, and we were quick to open up the massive windows facing it.

One of the things I loved about the Harbourmaster was their complimentary tea, coffee and cakes for all hotel guests from 3-5pm every day. Such a nice little treat after a day of exploring Aberaeron! We spent our day lounging in the sun shining through into our hotel room, and went for a nice little walk around town.

While at the Harbourmaster I also had my first bath of the trip, and it was about time! I have seen so many incredible tubs while visiting all of these amazing hotels, but I hadn’t had the time to get in and relax. So while at the Harbourmaster I grabbed a glass of wine and my Kindle, and had a nice, long bath before dinner. All their toiletries were Molton Brown, which made the bath just heavenly.

Hotel no. 9 – Y Talbot, Tregaron

My friend left me the morning before I jetted off to Tregaron for my next hotel, and so I got in my car alone to drive into the countryside. What waited for me there was an interesting Inn with some incredible fun facts.

If you have been following my adventures on Instagram, you’ll know that I absolutely love a good fun fact, and Y Talbot did not disappoint in this matter. The older part of the hotel (pictured below) dates back to the 1600s, and you can still have a drink in the old bar! President Carter has stayed there, and just wait until I tell you what’s in thebackyardd.

In 1848, a circus came through Tregaron, and sadly, one of their elephants died during their stay. That elephant was buried in the yard behind Y Talbot! How random is that?

The Y Talbot was a super cozy hotel with great food, and with a story like that, what’s not to like?

Hotel no. 10 – The Falcondale, Lampeter

The drive up to the Falcondale was enough to make me realise that I was going to be very happy there. This luxurious hotel was a family home a long time ago, and I can only imagine what it was like to live there! I arrived early and got to get a taste of it, however, as I sat down in a chair by one of the fireplaces to relax while I waited.

In addition to a beautiful house that’s over 150 years old, the Falcondale has 14 acres of greeneries you can enjoy. I made sure to spend some time walking around the gardens after breakfast, and walking along the woodland paths and listening to the chirping of the birds was such a relaxing experience.

Dinner was splendid, and I felt right at home at the Falcondale. From my room, I had incredible views of the gardens and surrounding fields, and I loved waking up to look over it all. Every inch of the place has been cared for, and you could tell that nothing at the Falcondale was left to chance. Several guests also had their dogs with them during their stay, as the Falcondale prides themselves as being incredibly pet-friendly.

Hotel no. 11 – Gwesty Cymru, Aberystwyth

The final hotel of the week brought back many memories for me. I was staying at the Gwesty Cymru in Aberystwyth, where I had visited before as a student. In addition to getting to relive fond memories of friends and good times in this beautiful town, the weather was absolutely incredible.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with incredible friendliness and got to spend some time relaxing and soaking up the sunshine in the front garden. Aberystwyth is so beautiful in the summer, and the Gwesty Cymru couldn’t have a better location! The views from my room were stunning, and the view from the bath tub were just as good.

After dinner (steak with blue cheese sauce – absolutely amazing) I was lucky enough to get to see an amazing sunset over the ocean. I then proceeded to jump in, and it was surprisingly refreshing! I went to bed with the windows open, and got to listen to the waves crashing in over the sand as I fell asleep. Better than any meditation app.

I hope you are planning to continue to follow my adventures around Wales, because they aren’t done yet! Make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram, and to check back here on the blog next week!

— Lisa from Fjords and Beaches

The Welsh Welcome: From Cardiff to Pembrokeshire (Week 1)

Written by Lisa from Fjords and Beaches as she travels through Wales experiencing the Welsh Welcome.

As you may know if you follow Welsh Rarebits on Instagram, I have officially started my adventure across this beautiful country, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. If you need a little more backstory as to why exactly I am spending the next month travelling Wales and testing out the luxury hotels in the Rarebits Collection, you can head this way and read the first blog post I wrote for this blog, where I introduced myself and my ‘mission’.

If you can’t be bothered with that, here’s the brief low down. My name is Lisa, and I am a travel blogger from Norway. I have previously lived in Pembrokeshire as an exchange student, and love everything about Wales! I am currently travelling across the whole country staying in the gorgeous hotels in the Welsh Rarebits Collection while testing the Welsh Welcome (which is said to be one of the best).

Every day I share my experiences on Instagram (both my own; Fjords and Beaches and the Welsh Rarebits one), Facebook (head this way) and Twitter. In addition to that, I will be publishing these weekly blog posts for the next 4 weeks, outlining in more detail which hotels I have been staying at and how the experience has been.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Hotel no. 1 – Holm House, Penarth

My first night in Wales set the bar high. I checked into beautiful Holm House in Penarth, located with beautiful views over the Bristol Channel. My room absolutely took my breath away, and I was treated to a suite with 2 balconies and stunning views. I was really happy to start my adventure here and spent my time at Holm House relaxing, drinking their speciality gin tonics, and going for walks around the beautiful area.

During my stay, I was also treated to an Indian Head Massage at their lovely spa, which I couldn’t recommend enough. Holm House is the perfect getaway, just a short drive from the centre of Cardiff.

Hotel no. 2 – No. 10, Cardiff

From Holm House I headed into the city and was excited to get a taste of urban life before I was to head out of Cardiff again. I checked into No. 10 Cardiff and was excited to be told that I was to stay in the Venetian Suite during my time there. The room was large and beautiful, and I knew I was going to get a good night’s sleep in the massive bed.

From No. 10, I had Cardiff on my doorstep, and I loved it! The hotel is a quick 5-minute walk from Cardiff Castle, and I made sure to take advantage of it. I spent my day in the city taking a tour of the castle, joining a city bus tour, and getting some shopping done. This is the perfect hotel for a city break in Cardiff!

Dinner was lovely, and I got to enjoy the set menu for the evening. The highlight of the evening was definitely the Eton Mess (followed closely by the beetroot tortelloni), paired with a local band playing Irish folk music! It made for such a lovely atmosphere and a truly special dinner.

Hotel no. 3 – The Cawdor, Llandeilo

As projected, I was due out in the Welsh countryside on my 3rd day. And the further I drove, the bigger the smile on my face. I checked into The Cawdor in Llandeilo thinking this place is straight out of a fairytale, and it didn’t take me long before I had located Dinefwr Park and Newton House. I spent the whole day walking around Llandeilo, gushing and awing at the beauty of Newton House, and taking photos of the beautiful greeneries surrounding it.

Back at The Cawdor, I was treated to the best sirloin steak I have had in ages, and it truly was a meal to remember. I couldn’t recommend the restaurant enough, and the staff were incredibly friendly and hospitable. They recommended places to go in the area, and nice walks I could take, and I truly felt like a long-lost friend visiting.

After dinner, I proceeded to sleep like a princess in my four-poster bed (#DreamsComeTrue), and woke up feeling so relaxed and ready to take on my next adventure!

Hotel no. 4 – The Corran, Laugharne

Just an hour drive from Llandeilo, I arrived at the Corran Spa and Hotel with excitement. This hotel truly feels like it is in the middle of nowhere, which was just what I was hoping for! The buildings of this old working farm date back to the 1700s, and I was in awe the minute I walked through the reception doors (and was greeted with a glass of champagne).

The Corran is surrounded by beautiful nature and marshlands, and the only thing you can hear are the birds chirping and the odd cow letting you know she is there too. This is the perfect place for a country getaway, particularly if you want to get away in order to do nothing but relax. You will be able to enjoy the spa (with a pool and jacuzzi) or relax with one of their treatments (I had the neck, back and shoulder massage, and it was absolute heaven).

Their restaurant offers some delicious choices, and I was completely blown away by the dessert (if you head to this Twitter post, you’ll understand why). I wish I could have stayed here with my Kindle for another week, and couldn’t recommend it enough for a getaway.

Why only 4 hotels this week?

You may be wondering why I am only staying at 4 hotels this week, and not 7. Well, I am currently in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, where I lived as an exchange student during Sixth Form. I will be spending the weekend with my host family, who I haven’t seen in years, which is why I won’t be staying at any of the hotels in the Rarebits Collection this weekend. But come Monday, I’m checking in to a new one, and I can’t wait!

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— Lisa from Fjords and Beaches